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Infrastructure the Right Way

Association of Consulting Engineering Companies-Canada is seeking commitment from candidates on infrastructure.

A National Corridor would connect communities and help bring goods to market.  This map incorporates a suggested corridor (yellow), that would connect with Canada’s existing rights of way (blue).


Andrei Sulzenko and G. Kent Fellows, “Planning for Infrastructure to Realize Canada’s Potential: The Corridor Concept,” School of Public Policy, University of Calgary, SPP Research Papers, Vol. 9, Issue 22, May 2016.

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Issues and Solutions


Accelerating delivery of infrastructure funding to improve communities and drive the economy

While it is a welcome and sound investment, the Federal Government’s $180-billion commitment to infrastructure through the Investing in Canada plan is behind schedule. These investments are critical to strengthening the economy and Canada’s competitiveness. They are also critical to improving the social and environmental quality of life for Canadians.

ACEC-Canada has recommendations (link provided below) that will help accelerate and more evenly distribute investments over the next decade so that communities and owners of infrastructure can make informed decisions and realize the maximum possible benefits from these investments.

Creating a national right of way that connects Canadians, communities, and markets

Communities need important nation-building projects approved with far more certainty. Canada must establish a national network of infrastructure corridors to accommodate multiple assets, including roadways, railways, pipelines and communication projects. A nationwide network of these corridors would connect all regions of Canada, helping address social and environmental concerns, while allowing progress and economic growth.

This bold nation-building project has been under consideration for over 50 years but needs leadership to make it happen. ACEC-Canada is prepared to work with the Federal Government and its stakeholders to make this vision a reality.

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Candidate Contact

During Federal Election 2019, tell candidates in your riding how infrastructure investments improve every aspect of our economic, social and environmental quality of life.

Please note some party nominees are still being established, if candidates have not yet been confirmed within your riding please check back in the coming weeks. Names will be added as soon as we receive confirmation of a candidate.

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Local Toolkit

All of the major parties have been sent ACEC’s election priorities and are asked to address strategic infrastructure investments in their platforms. As a member of ACEC-Canada, or an interested stakeholder, we encourage you to connect with candidates at the local level to inform them of ACEC’s priorities and help promote value of infrastructure investment during the election, and beyond.


Add your voice to the social media conversation! Below are shareables you can download to promote infrastructure investment in Canada through your digital platforms.


Don’t forget to include the hashtag:


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Platform Analysis & Questionnaire

Each of the major party leaders have been sent ACEC-Canada’s priorities. An analysis of the platform commitments related to infrastructure and their responses to ACEC’s federal election questionnaire will be shared as the platforms are released publicly and responses received. ACEC’s platform analyses are non-partisan and are developed only to inform discussion about infrastructure in Canada.


ACEC is a nonpartisan organization that advocates on behalf of its members with all political parties. While ACEC may take positions on specific issues, ACEC does not and will not endorse specific parties or candidates.


ACEC-Canada is the national voice of consulting engineering in Canada on business and public policy. We represent over 400 companies that provide engineering and other professional services to both public and private sector clients across Canada. These services include the planning, design and execution of all types of infrastructure projects as well as providing independent advice and expertise in a wide range of engineering and engineering-related fields. By offering these services, ACEC member companies have a direct influence on virtually every aspect of our economic, social and environmental quality of life.

Consulting engineering in Canada is a $27.7 billion a year industry. ACEC member firms directly employ over 60,000 Canadians. Canada is internationally recognized for its engineering services and Canadian engineering firms are the second largest provider of engineering services in the world.

We are committed to working with government to support efficient and effective infrastructure investment, supporting Canadian prosperity.

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